mHealth patient-centred technologies – the future is now

Traditionally, healthcare is provided through episodic face-to-face interactions between the patient and the health professional/healthcare team. Between them, patients are left variable periods of time without any structured support. With increasing pressure on healthcare systems, and in line with positive results from different studies, guided self-management in the community is increasingly proposed as a central part of patients’ chronic disease healthcare. Engaging, low cost and easy to disseminate technological solutions for self-monitoring and intelligent individualized support (coaching) are urgently needed, enabling patients to recognize early the signs of exacerbation and to better manage the disease. Smartphones can help to achieve these goals. However, mHealth technologies have important challenges in the acquisition, security and processing of monitoring data, implementation of interoperable systems and the ability for personalized coaching based on scientific evidence. These questions will be discussed in the Workshop and illustrated with the problems and solutions proposed under the PHE projects: Personal Health Empowerment and AIRDOC: Smart Mobile Application for Individualized Support and Monitoring of the Respiratory Function and Sounds of Chronic Obstructive Patients.

14:00 Smart Mobile solutions for individualized support and monitoring – The AIRDOC ecosystem – João A. Fonseca, MEDIDA & CINTESIS/FMUP

14:20 Data acquisition and processing – Rute Almeida, CINTESIS/FMUP

14:40 Coaching- Goreti Marreiros, GECAD-ISEP

15:00 Discussion on self-monitoring and management

15:30 Mobile Sensors & Technologies for Healthcare – Juan Corchado, University of Salamanca, Spain

16:20 The use of gamification on Personal Health Empowerment – Robin de Croon, KU Leuven, Belgium

17:00 Privacy and security – Ana Ferreira, CINTESIS/FMUP

17:20 Interoperability with other systems – Pedro Marques, CINTESIS/FMUP

17:40 Final discussion

Goreti Marreiros

      Juan Corchado

          Robin de Croon

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